the fikiri concept

The basic concept is quite simple:

Anybody can:

  • ask a question about a problem he has
  • or share an idea

Either way, he will be asked to provide tags so that the idea or question can be sorted.

Once there is an answer or question that has the same tag(s), the user will be notified and the crowd is asked to rate the matching.

To provide sufficient information, a Wiki is maintained that gives background knowledge for every user. Users are asked to research technologies and will be rewarded with Credits or Tokens.


Fikiri will have a presentation area where projects can be seen by everybody, even if they’re not registered. It can be seen as showcases that attract users to dive deeper, share their idea or even purchase the concept for their own use.

For registered active users there will be a recommender algorithm that shows matching projects according to their interests and skills.

If two or more conflicting solutions are posted the community is urged to research advantages and disadvantages of those ideas and to vote for the best alternative.

But several solutions can be developed simultaneously if they are all deemed good or fitting. In this case, the project will fork in independent subprojects.

Fikiri is generally free to use for anybody.

A concept for getting enough revenue for the running costs is in development and will be presented a little bit later.