How to delete messages on Houseparty

Houseparty is an app that, despite being originally released way back in 2016, has recently experienced an unprecedented boom in popularity. This is undoubtedly due to the Coronavirus epidemic that is currently taking place, separating and isolating many from their friends and family members. Houseparty is a video calling app that allows one-to-one and group video calls with far-off loved ones, allowing you to keep in touch, even from afar. However, what about those unwanted messages you might receive? Or have you sent things that you would rather not still be visible? In this article, we will explain how to delete messages on Houseparty for just such occasions.

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How to delete messages on Houseparty 1

Before we begin to explain the process involved in deleting your Houseparty messages, it is important to note that there is no way to directly delete messages from your chat on Houseparty, unlike many similar apps such as Skype. Instead, there are a variety of methods that can be used to have this same effect. These are what we will be running through in this article, if any of our methods are used, with all steps followed, you will be able to effectively delete any Houseparty message that you wish.

Ghosting is an action that can be taken against another user on the Houseparty app, if you have sent a message that you regret to a singular person, then ghosting them is a way to get rid of all of your shared messages together. This action will also prevent the other user from receiving your “in the house” notifications from Houseparty, notifying them that you are currently using the app. To do so, you will need to open the Houseparty app, then open your conversation with the user in question on Houseparty. After this, you should tap the gear icon that will be to the right of the user’s “Full Name”. Finally, tap the “ghosting” option, sliding it to the green “on” position.

This is another method of deleting the messages exchanged between yourself and another Houseparty user. When you take a user “out of your house” it also means that you will stop receiving notifications from that user. This action also works against groups in much the same way. Again, you should open your conversation with the person or group that you would like to erase. After clicking the gear button beside their name(s) you must this time select the option to take this user “out of your house”.

Much like the two previous messages, unfriending is an action that can be taken against another Houseparty user that will effectively delete the messages between them and yourself. However, unfriending goes a step further than simply not receiving notifications from the user, when a user is unfriended they are no longer connected to you through Houseparty in any way. Again, you must follow similar steps, however this time after tapping the gear icon beside the user’s name you must tap the “unfriend” option.

The last and most final method of deleting the messages exchanged between yourself and another user on Houseparty is to block that user. By doing so, they will be entirely erased from your own Houseparty experience. This should be reserved only for extreme cases, such as harassment, as users are often notified when they have been blocked on the app. Blocking is achieved by simply clicking the option to “block” the user after clicking the gear icon beside their “Full Name”. Blocking is not permanent and can be reversed.